Word Munch

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How to Play Word Munch

The object of Word Munch is to solve the word puzzle before the completed “Word Muncher” figure appears. For each letter that you guess that is not in the puzzle, a part of the Word Muncher figure is revealed (head, body, arms, and legs). If the Word Muncher figure is completed before you guess the word, it's game over!

1.     Click on any alphabet letter listed on the left hand side of the game

2.     If the letter you have chosen is in the word, it will be placed in the word  space at the bottom of the game.

3.    Parts of the “Word Muncher” will appear each time you choose an incorrect letter.  If the letter you have chosen is incorrect, choose another letter.

4.     Continue to choose letters until the game is over.  Once the word has been revealed, you can play again!


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