Learn to be Safe

Phone Friend offers "Learn to be Safe" trainings for children in grades K-6. The majority of children and youth learn about Phone Friend through a safety training conducted at their elementary school. Many of the topics covered during the training include the following:


Safety Rules

Trusted Adults vs. Strangers:

•  A stranger is anyone you do not already know

• Most people are good, but there are a few bad people that want to hurt people and we cannot tell who they are because they pretend to be good.

•  Trusted adults take care of us and help us to stay safe.  They could be a parent, grandparent, older sibling, teacher, child care provider, family member or a family friend.


Check First:

•  Never go for a walk or a ride with a stranger or even someone you know without checking first with a trusted adult.

•  Never accept gifts (money, food, toys) from someone you do not know - it might be a trick.

•  If someone tries to grab you, do not hide, run towards people, yell "I don't know you!" and go tell an adult.

•  Check first with a trusted adult before going with anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Going Home:

•  Stay on the path parents show you to get home.  Do not take any shortcuts.

•  Before going inside your house, check to see if everything looks normal - if a window is broken or a door is open, do not go in.  Get help first!  Ask for help from a safe neighbor.

•  Be sure to lock your door as soon as you step inside.


Answering the Door:

•  Never open the door for someone you do not know.

•  If someone leaves a package, leave it outside and do not open the door.


Answering the Phone:

•  Never tell anyone your personal information or that you are home alone.

•  Listen to see if you recognize their voice.

•  If the people who take care of you are not home and someone calls to speak with them, say "they are busy!"

•  If the person on the phone keeps asking questions or you feel uncomfortable, hang up the phone.


Using the Internet:

•  Never give out your name, address, phone number, school name, or describe what you look like to people over the Internet.

•  People on the Internet may not be who they say they are, so do not agree to meet anyone without taking a trusted adult.


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Trusted Adults vs Strangers
Check First
Answering the door
Using the Internet

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