Rock, Paper, Scissors

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How to Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

The goal of Rock-Paper-Scissors is to select an object (the rock, a sheet of paper, or pair of scissors) that will “beat” the object chosen by the computer. Chosen objects will "win" a round against other objects in the following manner:


Rock breaks scissors (but can be covered by paper)

Scissors cut paper (but can be broken by rock)

Paper covers rock (but can be cut by scissors)


How to play the game:

1. Click on “Rock,” Paper,” or “Scissors” to choose your object.

2. At the exact moment you choose an object, the computer will choose an object to try to beat yours.

3. Your object will either win or lose against, or tie with the computer’s object. Your score will appear in the upper right hand corner of the game.

4. Play again!


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