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What is Phone Friend?

Phone Friend is a free, bilingual “warm line” for children ages   5-18.  Children can "dial up a smile" to receive homework help, play a game,  hear a story, or just talk to someone during after school hours. Phone Friend helps children build self-confidence and problem-solving skills and encourages activities that promote self-sufficiency within parents’ boundaries.

Phone Friend is a program of the Association for Supportive Child Care.


Is this safe?

A trained, experienced supervisor is always on-site monitoring all Phone Friend calls. Additionally, every phone call is recorded for safety purposes. We ask that children check first with their parents or guardians before calling, and encourage parents to call with any questions.

Who will children be talking to?

Trained staff and volunteers answer the Phone Friend lines. Staff and volunteers are selected based on their education and experience with children. Three positive character references must be provided, and completion of an 8 - 10 hour training is required for staff and volunteers.

Why do children call Phone Friend?

Children call for a variety of reasons. Most children call Phone Friend to play a game, hear a story, receive help with a homework problem, or just talk about their day.

How do children hear about Phone Friend?

Children most often learn about Phone Friend from their school. Phone Friend presents "Learn to Be Safe," a 45 minute safety presentation, in schools and community sites.

Is this really free?

Phone Friend is operated by the Association for Supportive Child Care, a nonprofit organization providing services since 1976, and receives funding from Valley of the Sun United Way and local and private sources.

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Want to Know More?

For more information regarding the Phone Friend Program, please contact the Association for Supportive Child Care:

480-829-0500 x 2104 (Maricopa County)

800-535-4599 x 2104 (Toll Free)

FAX: 480-829-9283


Angela Alvarez, Program Coordinator




Home Alone & Internet Safety Training

Phone Friend provides free safety trainings to schools and youth facilities, for children K-6. We cover basic home alone and Internet safety tips in a fun and interactive presentation.  This prevention component of the Phone Friend program is offered to Maricopa County schools at no charge. The classroom safety trainings help K-6th grade students practice how to keep themselves safe in potentially dangerous situations. Children learn safety tips, participate in a problem-solving game and practice staying safe through active role-plays of various safety scenarios, including Internet safety. All participants receive Phone Friend materials with the Phone Friend “warm line” number. If you are interested in having a Home Alone Safety or Internet Safety presentation at your school or facility, please contact us today.

Presentation Overview


Main points made during Phone Friend trainings include:

Importance of trusted adults: 98% of children are abducted by someone they know. We really stress knowing who is considered a trusted adult and communicating this knowledge in each child’s family.

Check First: Six rules that have been established by the Phoenix Fire Department’s Urban Survival Program. The most important rule being that children must check first with a parent or trusted adult before they go with anyone, anywhere at any time.

Internet Safety: As much fun as the Internet is, it can still be very dangerous for everyone, especially young people. On the Internet, you cannot see or hear who you are talking to, so they can be anyone they want to be. Be sure to keep information about yourself personal, especially your name, address, phone number, your school, and a description of what you look like. 


Safety Trainings for Parents and Educators

In addition to our safety trainings for children, we are also happy to provide our trainings to parent groups through schools. We provide a forum for discussion about your child’s safety using the safety training we present to the children as a model. We also provide resource materials and information as needed.


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