Let's Color

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How to Color Online

1. Click on the green arrow to choose a picture to color.

2. Click on a crayon to pick a color.

3. Click on an area of the picture to fill in with your chosen color.

4. Choose another color, and areas to fill in until your picture is done.

5. Click on the red circle to clear the colors to start again, or

6. Click on the green arrow to find another picture to color!


Download and Print Pages to Color!

color Phone Friend  color 2  color 3 
Phone Friend dragon skater
color 4  color 5  color 6 
balloon crayons toothbrush
color 7  color 8  color 12
space walk lion wizard
color 10  color 11  color 12 
mermaid airplane recycle
color 13  color 15 color 14
space shuttle bear princess

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