What is Phone Friend

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Phone Friend is a free, bilingual “warm line” for children ages 5-18 to call for homework help, play a game,  hear a story, or just talk to someone during after school hours. Phone Friend helps children build self-confidence and problem-solving skills and encourages activities that promote self-sufficiency within parents’ boundaries.

Phone Friend is a program of the Association for Supportive Child Care, and is funded by Valley of the Sun United Way, Arizona Republic Charities, Albertson’s Community Partners, Glendale From the Heart, Governor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families, City of Chandler, Cox Charities, City of Tempe SACA Fund, and Channel 12 Who Cares.



Phone Friend has been in operation since 1986 and continues to serve thousands of Arizona’s children and youth each year. The program was established as a response to a community need. Today, children from all social, educational and economic backgrounds call the Phone Friend “warm line”. While, most children who call Phone Friend are home alone or in sibling care, other callers are home with parents, caregivers or guardians, but desire undivided attention, so they call Phone Friend.

The American Association of University Women’s Action Group developed the Phone Friend Program from 1979-1981.The group focused on providing a service that would enhance the general well being of children who are bored, lonely or needing an empathic listener. Callers share their feelings of loneliness, fear, joy, excitement, or boredom. In return, the service reduces the amount of stress on parents and families who may be forced to leave their children home alone.



"As a community partner of the Phone Friend Program, the Phoenix Fire Department has seen firsthand the benefits of the program to children in helping to support them in potentially vulnerable situations."

- Captain Jay Arthur, Phoenix Fire Department


"We believe that Phone Friend is a critical resource in our community - especially for families and children that cannot afford afterschool care and are either unsupervised after school or in the care of siblings."

- Corinne D., Social Worker for the Gilbert School District


"Many past and current students have used Phone Friend to call for homework help or just to talk and share about their day. These are important, necessary and meaningful experiences in our children's lives."

- Sara C., Counselor for the Balsz School District in Phoenix


"The emphasis of how to avoid danger and what to do if faced with a dangerous situation is what was most valuable. Thank you for sharing all of the ways you (Phone Friend) can help out our students."

- Fifth grade teacher

Association for Supportive Child Care


Phone Friend is a program of the

Association for Supportive Child Care



Valley of the Sun United Way  Governor's Office for Children, Youth, and Families 
Republic Charities  Glendale From the Heart 
City of Chandler  City of Tempe